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Reinvention Coaching


When there’s a huge amount to do, sometimes it seems easier to do nothing. But the most effective way to achieve a big goal is to define it as a series of small ones. Reinvention coaching sessions will lay out a clear path to success – all achievable and realistic so that you will succeed. Coaching will also segment valuable time out of the busy day to focus on you and your aspirations; time away from the whirlwind and demands of everyday life.


Finding balance in life is something most of us strive for. Balancing demands of work, family and domestic responsibilties, with keeping fit, socialising and finding time for relaxing and hobbies is a constant juggling act. Reinvention coaching can help you take stock, review the significant elements of your life,  work through where your priorities lie and how you can meet your objectives in each area.


Over time, ambitions can slip further away and we allow ourselves to talk ourselves out of them. Our coaching sessions will explore how you can re-energise and reconnect with your ambitions through planning and practical steps. Coaching sessions are designed to leave you with a renewed passion and vigour for making a change in your life.


The ability to cope with life’s challenges and to bounce back after set backs is an important skill that can be developed and learnt. Having resilience enables us to understand our own reactions and develop coping strategies so we can drive forward through life with positivity and strength. Reinvention coaching helps to build resilience through focusing on your strengths and challenging your limiting beliefs.


For most of us it’s our fears that hold us back. Fear of letting ourselves or others down; fear of the unknown; fear of failure- even fear of success. My clients find me a caring, objective and empathetic listener; so you can voice your fears in a supportive and non-judgemental setting. Talking them through and overcoming your fears is a vital  step in reaching your goals.


Going through a life transition can involve personal rebranding especially if it’s confidence that’s standing in your way. With a qualification in image consultancy I can help re-brand you, inside and out; both how you appear to other people and how you feel about yourself. It’s the whole package that leads to success. Coaching can help you decide the person you want to be and take you there step by step.

"If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it.

Go out and get busy."

-Dale Carnegie

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