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About Me

My passion is developing and empowering people to cope with change and transitions, through the medium of career coaching and reinvention coaching. I’ve trained hundreds of line managers and directors in many aspects of leadership, and have coached individuals and teams. I’ve worked in challenging environments and worked with virtual teams. I have extensive experience working with people with disabilities. I have developed a special interest and expertise in coaching autistic adults and adults with other neurodiverse conditions.


What I do

What is it you want? Who is it you want to be? How do you want to live your life?


As a qualified career and reinvention coach, I specialise in working with clients going through major changes in their life or wanting to make them.


I have a special interest and expertise in supporting adults with autism to find and succeed in employment, ensuring autism in the workplace is understood and acknowledged (by employer and employee), rather than simply being treated as a barrier.


You may be a graduate starting out in your career; an aspiring entrepreneur looking to launch your first business; a professional looking to return to work after a break; or wanting to progress your career. Perhaps you’re facing an entirely new chapter in the form of retirement or redundancy.


Change is an inevitable part of life. In an ideal world, we would all embrace it, adapt to it and manage it with confidence and perfect success. But if it’s overwhelming you, or you are uncertain on the choices or decisions to make, career coaching can help.


Liam, 20-year-old student with Asperger's syndrome

My issue with regards to work was the interview part of the hiring process. I found it very difficult to figure out exactly what the interviewer was asking and what sort of response they wanted. Ros helped me by teaching me the “secret language” of interviews by explaining in an easily understandable manner what the interviewers were really asking and what sort of response to give. She also helped me general interview advice such as what sort of posture to take, who to look at and that sort of thing. In addition, Ros gave me some very useful tips and tricks for CV writing which I used to spruce up my CV and cover letters. The approach Ros used was perfect for me as she was very understanding, she also explained things in an easily understandable way and best of all gave explanations for why I should do certain things rather than simply telling me to do them. The greater understanding Ros gave me towards the interview process helped me get a paid industrial placement aiding not only my future prospects, but my ongoing university course as well.

It's never too late to be what you might have been

-George Eliot

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