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I work with autistic employees at all levels and across a whole range of careers and organisations including self-employment. Autism is described as a "spectrum condition" because it encompasses such a wide range of characteristics, strengths, and challenges that can vary greatly among individuals.

I recognise the unique experiences and needs of each autistic person and the need to personalise my approach to support you.  We will meet at a time and frequency that suits you for a virtual 1:1 session.  We will agree your specific coaching objectives in advance and work towards achieving them in a structured, safe environment at your own pace.

These may include:

  • Pre and post-diagnostic support – understanding your diagnosis  and your strengths

  • Helping with team working and  interpersonal skills such as managing in meetings, small talk and coping with  social interactions

  • Working to develop and implement personalised  and  practical coping strategies

  • Improving skills using proven tools and techniques to help improve executive functioning

  • Creating structure and routines to reduce anxiety and ensure recovery time

  • Understanding sensory differences and how these can contribute to overwhelm and fatigue

  • Building confidence and assertiveness minimising overthinking and negative self-talk

  • Feeling valued and authentic to avoid masking in the workplace

  • Improving performance and support if you are  on a performance improvement plan

  • Exploring options for coping with changes to your role, career progression or transitions

  • Understanding what others can do to support you such as improving communication

  • Self-advocating for accommodations and reasonable adjustments 

Ros is the only one who has understood not only my individual conditions but also the ways in which they interact and overlap and affect my work.

Nicholas – BBC

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