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At RedCompass Labs, we have been using Ros’s coaching services to provide support to our neurodivergent employees for a number of years.

At RedCompass Labs, we have been using Ros’s coaching services to provide support to our neurodivergent employees for a number of years. Their feedback has been very positive – Ros has assisted them with work-related tasks such as time-keeping, prioritising work, organisational skills. She has also provided a safe place for them to discuss any work-related (and personal) worries or concerns and offered suggestions on how to resolve these.


In addition, Ros has helped our internal neurodiversity champion to understand more about how neurodivergent employees might experience the workplace, how they might find change difficult, how they might need sound business reasons for why something needs to be done, as well as suggesting ways to adapt our processes to support neurodivergent employees.


Ros is friendly, empathetic and warm, and it is clear she genuinely cares about helping Neurodivergent people to feel more comfortable and more effective in both the workplace and in their personal lives. Ros has also helped us, as employers, to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of neurodivergent employees which helps us to help them to reach their potential. She has been incredibly supportive and wise. Her insights, feedback not only have enabled us to develop a neurodiversity programme to strengthen our company and support our team, but she has also unlocked so much potential in people’s lives. We have seen interns who struggled in the workplace and school go on to achieve degrees and jobs in research with that success directly linked to time spent with Ros.

RedCompass Labs

Ros’ support to our team has been brilliant. 

As a manager of a colleague who is autistic, I’ve personally found Ros’ knowledge, support, and guidance incredibly useful. As well as providing direct support to the individual, Ros has been flexible and open to coordinating sessions with other colleagues and management to ensure that we make appropriate reasonable adjustments and ensure that our workplace and organisational culture are as inclusive as possible. It has been great working with Ros, and I highly recommend her services.

Hal Davidson, Impact & Learning Manager, London Marathon Foundation

Ros was recommended by a colleague for her work with autistic professionals. 

I wanted a coach who could offer an informed coaching service for me as an autistic person, not more generalised coaching. She has been immensely helpful, thoughtful, kind, supportive, and all built on a foundation of practical ideas and experiences. Ros creates a safe space within which to ‘unmask’ but also to have time to consider ways to flourish at work. Ros also ensured she helped me recognise progress and success. I consider Ros to be an important and impactful part of my working life.


Ros has helped me to enhance the strategies I have in place as an autistic person in the workplace. While I previously considered myself reasonably good at self-advocacy, Ros has worked with me to overcome challenges, to understand why I sometimes struggle, and to develop a toolkit of techniques that help me. As the work with Ros is personalised it means that the strategies are more impactful. I have been confident enough to recommend Ros to other autistic colleagues and this is testament to the trust I have in her to have a positive impact in the professional lives of autistic adults.

Caroline Boreham - United Learning

Ros was recommended to me by a colleague, who had been recommended to Ros by another colleague! From the outset of our sessions, I realised I had discovered an extraordinary coach in Ros.

As someone who has grappled with the complexities of neurodiversity, I am autistic and have ADHD; I sought Ros’s expertise during a time when my mental health was affecting my ability to meet the demands of my job. Ros’s support is not just professional; it is deeply personal and transformative.

Ros possesses a remarkable blend of insight, expertise, and genuine care that makes working with her an absolute pleasure. She has an innate ability to understand the unique strengths and challenges that come with neurodiversity and her strategies are not only effective but also tailored to fit my individual needs.

The strategies we’ve implemented together have been game-changers, both in my professional and personal life. They have helped me to harness my strengths and navigate challenges with greater confidence and resilience. The positive impact on my work is palpable; I’m more productive, engaged, and fulfilled. But the benefits extend far beyond the workplace—my overall quality of life has improved significantly.

I cannot recommend Ros highly enough. Her coaching has guided me towards a path of self-understanding and growth. If you’re seeking a coach who will support you with expertise and heart, look no further than Ros.

Charlie Chan – United Learning

I self-identified myself as being autistic as a mature adult not long after my son was diagnosed. 

I always struggled in work places, particularly with communication, concentration and sensory difficulties.  Not long after disclosing my diagnosis to my employer, I decided to seek help though the government Access to Work scheme allowing funding for a specialist coach.

I’ve immensely enjoyed my time over the last two years of coaching with Ros. She is really easy to talk to and is able to identify useful areas to work on. She has helped me to find strategies to help with my communication with colleagues, particularly as a supervisor and has given me the skills to be more assertive and to manage conflicts.

My confidence in my workplace has really grown since working with Ros. She has helped me make a positive impact on my professional life and performance and I’ve since started formal training in leadership and management which I would not have considered before.

Most of all, Ros has helped to reduce my work-related stress I was experiencing due to the challenges I face as a neurodivergent. I feel much happier and confident as an autistic employee.

Marika – NHS Clinician

Ros is incredibly easy to talk to (speaking as someone who often has trouble talking even to people I know and work with daily) and immediately puts me at ease with the perfect balance of friendly chat and professional discussion and advice.

Over the last few years I’ve seen numerous people for coaching, counselling, assessment, etc. Ros is the only one who has understood not only my individual conditions but also the ways in which they interact and overlap and affect my work. She has given me excellent advice and support, and given me a space for conversations that have allowed me to understand my own issues, and methods of working with and around them.

I now have methods of structuring my working day, avoiding the panic of “blank page syndrome”. I am able to watch training videos with a sense of purpose, making notes from them (and absorbing much more information, as a result) rather than passively attempting to watch them and failing to engage with them. Ros has helped me learn how to learn. I’m beginning to feel slightly less scared of my job.

Nicholas – BBC

The main reason coaching was sought with Ros, is that I was struggling to adapt in my place of work. 

I felt at times unnecessary pressure was being put on me, and I was concerned I would not pass probation. ASC affects the way I process information, so my cognitive abilities are also affected as a result.

Ros’s support has given me a new outlook on life, as well how others perceive me in the work place, enabling me to cope with the everyday demands and rigors of the work place. Working with Ros has helped to Increase my confidence and self-esteem and have a better understanding of the ‘Unwritten Rules’ of the work place.

Dan May – Claims Handler Allianz

As an individual with learning difficulties, I have found the support Ros has provided incredibly helpful. 

I used to have great difficulty organising my work, and ensuring that I prioritised effectively. Ros has given me the confidence to communicate these issues to my manager, and helped me develop strategies to improve my organisation. I am very grateful for her support.

Recent Graduate with ADHD and Dyspraxia

Ros is a resourceful coach given her propensity to draw on real life examples, references, and articles to explain a notion, which helps me, understand workplace issues and invoke them in real-life. 

My coach is also conscientious as to the right use of their communication and interaction that works for me, proffering flexibility in her approach in regards to sensory sensitivities and methods of interpretation.

Administrative Officer - HM Treasury

My issue with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD affected my position working for an insurance broker. 

I found difficulty in fitting in and performing daily tasks. I had poor organisation skills, memory and showed a lack of concentration when understanding instructions. This became such a problem that it got to the point where disciplinary procedures were to take place. I therefore went to look for employment coaching support. Coaching with Ros Evans helped to restore my confidence by creating strategies. These were writing lists of what I would tend to forget, remembering useful procedures, teaching me to deal with confrontation from peers and helping me to disclose my condition to my managers .She empathised with my problems and reassured me that it was because of my Autism and ADHD not because of any wrong doing.

Tim – Insurance Administrator

I was referred for an autism assessment around the same time that I got a promotion at work. 

I applied for work coaching through access to work to support me in with difficulties transitioning to my new role. I contacted Ros because of her experience working with autism.

From our first meeting I felt Ros understood and could explain reasons behind specific challenges that I had struggled with throughout my career. She has helped me with specific issues as they have arisen and by building a profile of my strengths and understanding the challenges I feel more confident in accepting my own identity.

Academic Lecturer and Researcher – Newcastle University

Ros has supported me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. 

When we first met, I felt utterly lost and defeated. Lacking confidence following my autism diagnosis, Ros has helped me to rediscover my strengths and passions. I am now regularly applying for jobs and feel confident that, in time, I will be back in employment. Furthermore, I now have a much better understanding of which types of work are suitable for me and the workplace accommodations that I can ask for. Ros is an incredibly supportive and caring coach, and I look forward to every session with her.

Emilie – Unemployed Following Completion of Research Contract

Having worked with Ros a few years ago, when she supported me through getting my autism diagnosis, I contacted her again when I started a new job. 

Ros is very approachable, knowledgeable and patient and has helped me to successfully navigate my way in the workplace. I now have a much better understanding of myself, and I am much more confident in knowing what I need to put in place for myself, as well as in discussing adjustments with my employer. Due to the support of both Ros and my employer, I am able to maintain full-time employment in a long-term role.

Access to Work Funded Client 

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