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About me

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  • BSc (Hons) Psychology University of Exeter

  • Diploma in Personal and Performance Coaching

  • Diploma in Corporate and Executive Coaching

  • Winner 2018 TCA International Coaching Award -coaching for a cause

  • Level A and B psychometric testing

  • MBTI Step I and Step II

  • Qualified Image Consultant Colour me Beautiful

  • Member - BPS/ CIPD/ International Coaching Federation

  • Licensed training and employment consultant for the National Autistic Society

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I have spent my whole career enabling people to achieve their potential. I have a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and I am qualified in psychometrics and personality testing.


I have applied my skills in both commercial and not-for-profit sectors enabling organisations to get the best out of their people and supporting people to recognise, develop and achieve through their strengths. I’ve held senior level management roles and worked as an in-house and external consultant.


My career started as a graduate working in Bristol. Since then I have experienced many career transitions; some through decisions I have made, and others which were made for me. I relocated from Bristol to London; progressed to management and leadership roles and from operational to strategic positions. Following maternity leave, I was a woman returner working full time and travelling extensively. I experienced redundancy both as a line manager and as an employee. I then made the transition to self-employment and I’ve been the director of a limited company.


Some of my career transitions have been driven by personal circumstances. I have personal experience of supporting an autistic child and young adult through school, the transition to University and the challenges of finding work. I have had to build resilience, adapt and reinvent myself many times over. And now? I have reinvented myself as a career, reinvention and autism coach who specialises in supporting adults with autism and other neurodiverse conditions to gain and retain employment.

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So how does this apply to you?

Looking to re-invent, re-focus and realise your goals?


Well, it’s what I’ve always done - encourage and enable achievement. Working with individuals, no matter where their skills and confidence levels are and help them be the very best they can be. Combine my extensive experience in people development and psychology with my empathetic, warm and supportive approach; to become the catalyst for the changes you need to make.


Not only that but I’ve been through this journey myself; a journey of re-invention, building resilience and re-direction. Which is how I know I can help you through yours.

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