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Working with Autism



The National Autism Society statistics show that just 16% of autistic adults, including people wth Asperger's syndrome, are in full-time paid employment and only 32% are in some kind of paid work but 77% of unemployed autistic adults want to work. My mission is to improve this situation. Working with Autism is a comprehensive package of  consultancy, training, coaching and mentoring support for:


  • adults on the autistic spectrum to identify suitable employment and throughout the recuitment and selection process

  • autistic adults to retain and thrive in employment by developing strategies and skills to succeed

  • employers, line managers and team members to understand and support colleagues with autism in the workplace

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Realise your potential

Are you seeking employment, employed or between jobs? Autism coaching can help you achieve your potential. Together we will look at where you are now, explore where you want to be, and focus on how you can get there. I will be with you every step of the way to help build your confidence and resilience. Through coaching and mentoring I can help you:


  • Identify your strengths

  • Understand how your diagnosis impacts you

  • Improve your CV, job searching skills and interview skills

  • Know when and how to disclose your diagnosis to recruiters, employers, managers and colleagues

  • Understand how Reasonable Adjustments can help you find a job and succeed at work

  • Develop practical strategies to improve organisation and planning

  • Become more assertive and communicate effectively with work colleagues and managers

  • Develop practical strategies to improve your focus and concentration

  • Increase your self-confidence and resilience

  • Understand your sensory sensitivities, triggers and develop coping strategies to manage anxiety


I have a professional and personal involvement with supporting people with Aspergers's Syndrome/ Autism and other neurodiverse conditions such as ADHD, dyspraxia and dyslexia. My knowledge,expertise and understanding of these conditions enable me to help explore how your diagnosis impacts you, your strengths, your specific challenges and to identify the support you need. I appreciate that anxiety is a frequent issue and my supportive, but structured approach will help you through the coaching process and to succeed.


Recruit and Retain

Are you a employer, manager of an employee with autism or looking to recruit or retain employees on the autistic spectrum?


Working with Autism is a comprehensive package of services providing employer support through workplace assessments, consultancy, training, coaching and mentoring to:

  • Understand the strengths and benefits employees on the autistic spectrum can offer

  • Increase awareness of autism and the impact on employment

  • Build confidence in managing employees

  • Develop strategies to support employees with anxiety and sensory sensitivities

  • Develop communication skills to enhance performance and social integration

  • Deal with performance issues of planning, organisation, processing information and distractibility

  • Understand the Equality Act and how to make Reasonable Adjustments to support your employee

Autistic people can be effective and highly valued employees but traditional recruitment and work practices often prevent many talented, motivated people from accessing and being successful in employment.


Working with Autism workshops focus on increasing understanding of autism spectrum conditions so employers can improve their recruitment, management and retention of autistic staff (including Asperger’s syndrome). The workshops are designed for managers, colleagues, HR and D&I professionals to ensure they are confident supporting autistic people effectively in the workplace.


Ros has a proven track record of working successfully with a wide variety of public and private sector employers, including HM Treasury, The National Archive, Aster Ltd, Oxford Brookes University and the BBC.

Working with Autism Workshops

Understanding Autism in the workplace – Introductory one hour session aimed at all staff with an interest in autism.


Managing Autistic Employees – This half-day workshop will help you to understand the principles of supporting adults with autism, increasing confidence in communication and managing performance, developing strategies and learning about reasonable adjustments.


Recruiting Autistic Employees – This half-day workshop will help you to recognise the strengths and talents autistic employees can bring to an organisation, learn how to attract and appropriately assess applicants on the autistic spectrum by supporting them through the recruitment process and induction.

Workplace Assessments

Workplace assessments are an excellent first step when you have recruited a new employee with an autism spectrum condition or you have an existing employee who you think would benefit from further support.

A workplace assessment will help you to identify what support and adaptations could be implemented, advise on management techniques and ways to communicate effectively and integrate your team member. Workplace assessments address the following issues:

  • description of current position and the expectations of the role

  • current issues and concerns

  • social interaction

  • communication

  • flexibility of thought

  • sensory issues

  • recommendations for ongoing support

  • recommendations for reasonable adjustments to the workplace and role (in accordance with the Equality Act).


Ros visits the workplace and meets with all relevant members of staff. The process is transparent involving the employee and line manager and other representatives as appropriate. A full written report is provided within 10 working days.

"Great course content, well-paced and delivered, with a range of delivery methods and examples that had me engaged throughout – thank you Ros” 

-Team member Aster Ltd

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