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Procrastination? Get Organised!

My 10 tips for getting started on tasks and keeping on it.

With thanks to Mel Robbins author of the 5 second rule.

  1. Get into a good routine -set your alarm at the same time everyday

  2. Use the 5 second rule to get up and take action - do it before you talk yourself out of it!

  3. Stop negative self-talk - write down negatives and turn them into positive affirmations

  4. Create the right environment to work- clear work space, no distractions

  5. Set up for the task- get everything you need together before you start – develop a checklist

  6. Identify a deadline for goal post it where you see it e.g. screen saver

  7. Set session times for concentrated work – be realistic how long you can work effectively for and set a specific outcome to achieve within that time.

  8. Start somewhere- get going, do something rather than worrying if it’s the right place to start

  9. Don't multitask - do one thing at a time and complete it

  10. Make it public- share your goals, actions, achievements with your friends, family colleagues

Go for it!

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