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What I do

Do any of these statements reflect how you feel?

  • You have a lot to give and a lot more you want to do

  • You want to move forward in your career or are facing a significant transition

  • You want to become more resilient and able to cope with life’s challenges

  • You have dreams and aspirations and now’s the time to embrace and achieve them

  • You want to have the confidence, self-esteem and ability to approach life more positively

  • You want to maximise every day and not waste another moment


Career coaching can help you to re-evaluate life, restore balance, realise long-held or new aspirations, re-energise, rebuild confidence and refocus. 

The coaching process will help you to establish personal goals at your pace, recognising and helping you to overcome your personal barriers; motivate and keep you focused on a fantastic future. As you find yourself moving towards fulfilment, achievement, reinvigoration and greater resilience, you’ll never look back.

My Coaching Programmes are designed to empower and equip you in all these areas, through working with you on;


  • Clarity– over what you want to achieve and how to achieve it

  • Appreciation and confidence - in your abilities and strengths

  • Regaining control – of your career, your life and direction

  • Refocusing – on what’s important to you in your life

  • Positivity and motivation – to maximise every single day

  • Developing - skills and strategies to achieve your objectives

  • Building resilience in handling challenges and adapting to change

  • Realisation that transition is a time for opportunity

I offer an initial 30 minute complementary session. During this we’ll explore your needs, how career coaching can help, how we can work together. As successful coaching depends on building trust and a strong rapport, most importantly it is to discover if I am the right coach for you.


1:1 coaching is usually offered via Skype or telephone, but face to face coaching sessions can be offered in London or Surrey.

Coaching sessions are for one hour. We work at a pace that suits you. Typically, sessions are held fortnightly. For real change, most clients require between 6 and 12 sessions. You can book sessions one at a time or in a block to secure a regular day and time that suits you.


Find out more about my career coaching , reinvention coaching and autism coaching  services.

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